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Why Drinking Alcohol To Induce Sleep Is A Problem

Many people use alcohol to help them fall asleep.  But the latest research reports that – while alcohol can help you fall asleep faster – its negative impact on the quality and quantity of your sleep far outweighs its sleep-inducing … Continue reading

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Better Sleep: Bedtime Do’s and Don’ts

The Better Sleep Council reports that one of every two people will experience a sleep problem sometime in their life.  However, not all the news is bad.  In fact, most experts concur that the majority of sleep difficulties are either … Continue reading

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Sleep: More Important Than You May Think

Sleep is more important than you may think.  To live healthier, happier and more productively, keep the following in mind: Sleep and your appetite – A study from the University of Chicago found that lack of sleep makes you want … Continue reading

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80 Percent Of Nation’s Adolescents Get Too Little Sleep

With the new school year just around the corner, it is important for parents to know that many of the nation’s adolescents (ages 11 – 17) are falling asleep in class, arriving late to school, feeling down and driving drowsy … Continue reading

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Alcohol Disrupts Women’s Sleep More Than Men’s

Researchers have known for decades that alcohol can initially deepen sleep during the early part of the night but disrupt sleep during the later part of the night, something called the “rebound effect.”  Now, according to a new study appearing … Continue reading

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Drowsy Drivers Causing Major Public Safety Problem

According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), lack of sleep is creating a major public safety problem in the U.S. – drowsy driving.  The NSF’s 2009 Sleep in America poll reports that more than one-half of adults (54%) – potentially … Continue reading

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Get Adequate Sleep To Help Fight Stress

Stress experts report that chronically stressed people almost always suffer from fatigue and people who are tired do not cope well with stress.  When distressed people get more sleep, they feel better and are more resilient and adaptable in dealing … Continue reading

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When is too much news too much?

With all of the current world events, do you find yourself glued to your favorite television news station? Do you get your news online or listen to it on the radio? Maybe all three? I remember keeping my television on … Continue reading

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