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How To Help A Family Member Who Is Abusing Alcohol Or Drugs

Someone in your family has a problem with alcohol or drugs.  What can you do to help? You might think that an alcohol or drug problem belongs to the person who is drinking or taking drugs.  But if a family … Continue reading

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What To Do When Your Spouse Suffers From Depression

Did you know that untreated depression is one of the main reasons for marital problems and divorce?  In fact, in relationships where one of the partners suffers from depression, the divorce rate is nine times higher. If you suspect that … Continue reading

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Relationships: Successful Couples Keep It Positive

Researchers studying marriage at the University of Washington report that happy couples in stable marriages don’t allow their relationship to be overrun by negative feelings.  In fact, say the researchers, successful couples maintain a healthy balance between their positive and … Continue reading

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Strengthening Your Stepfamily

Half of all Americans are now a member of a stepfamily, including over 20 million stepparents.  Tragically, 60 to 70 percent of all stepfamilies end in divorce within ten years.  Long-term re-marital and stepfamily success is possible, however.  Educating yourself … Continue reading

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Depression Increases Marital Dissatisfaction and Divorce

According to a study of married couples in the U.S., each marital partner’s level of depression predicted their own marital satisfaction and that of their spouse as well.  Depressed individuals were more dissatisfied with their marriage and their spouses were … Continue reading

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Relationships: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Although relationships often appear to end abruptly, closer inspection reveals that the disintegration of the relationship is a gradual process.  The stages that couples commonly pass through as they break up can be identified as follows: Stage 1 – Disillusionment.  … Continue reading

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Are You Overlooking Your Child’s Mental Health?

As a parent, you make sure your children get to school, their dance classes, sport practices and even birthday parties. You keep track of immunizations and physicals with meticulous care. Yet, when did you last evaluate your child’s mental health … Continue reading

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