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Depression Increases Marital Dissatisfaction and Divorce

According to a study of married couples in the U.S., each marital partner’s level of depression predicted their own marital satisfaction and that of their spouse as well.  Depressed individuals were more dissatisfied with their marriage and their spouses were … Continue reading

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How Can Family And Friends Help The Depressed Person?

Depression causes pain and difficulty, not only to those who suffer from depression, but also to those who care about them.  If you are concerned that a family member or friend may be suffering from depression, what can you do … Continue reading

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When is too much news too much?

With all of the current world events, do you find yourself glued to your favorite television news station? Do you get your news online or listen to it on the radio? Maybe all three? I remember keeping my television on … Continue reading

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The Economy and Your Mental Health

A variety of factors affect your mental health: what you eat, your work environment, your relationships, your chemical make up and even how much you exercise. So, does the economy, be it up or down, affect your mental health? According … Continue reading

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Social Networking: How is it affecting your mental health?

Anything that we do regularly affects our mental health in some way. Exercising, the foods we eat and how we spend our time all contribute to the state of our mental health. Some activities, such as social networking, have both … Continue reading

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