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Women With High Job Strain Have 40 Percent Increased Risk Of Heart Disease, Study Finds

Women who report having high job strain have a 40 percent increased risk of cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and the need for procedures to open blocked arteries, compared to those with low job strain, according to the American Heart … Continue reading

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Overcoming Procrastination

Everyone procrastinates at one time or another.  Estimates are that 95 percent of people procrastinate at times.  However, for some people, procrastination is a bad habit with many negative effects on work performance, job security, relationships and mental health.  Twenty … Continue reading

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Teen Suicide Risks

Teen suicide is alarmingly common.  According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Disease Control, it is the third leading cause of death for people age 15 to 24 (following accidents and homicide).  Studies show that … Continue reading

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Improve Your Sleep To Help Fight Stress

Stress experts report that chronically stressed people almost always suffer from fatigue and people who are tired do not cope well with stress.  When distressed people get more sleep, they feel better and are more resilient and adaptable in dealing … Continue reading

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How To Improve Your Productivity and Get More Done Each Day

Are there too many things on your calendar each day to get done?  If your answer is “yes,” you may be guilty of a common assumption made by many people, say researchers. According to a study reported by the American … Continue reading

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What Is Problem Gambling?

Approximately two million adults in the U.S. meet the criteria for pathological gambling, and another four to six million are considered problem gamblers, according to the National Council on Problem Gambling. Due mainly to shame, denial and a desire to … Continue reading

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How To Help A Family Member Who Is Abusing Alcohol Or Drugs

Someone in your family has a problem with alcohol or drugs.  What can you do to help? You might think that an alcohol or drug problem belongs to the person who is drinking or taking drugs.  But if a family … Continue reading

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Raising a Resilient Child

Resilient people have the ability to deal more effectively with stress and pressure, cope with everyday challenges and bounce back from disappointments, adversity or trauma.  Many parenting experts believe that resiliency is the most important quality you can instill in … Continue reading

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Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

All relationships have there ups and downs, but there are certain types of behavior in any relationship that are unacceptable and abusive.  If you think that your partner is abusive, or you suspect that someone you know is in an … Continue reading

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Too Much Sitting Is Hazardous To Your Health

According to the latest medical research, hours of uninterrupted sitting can be bad for your health. —  A study from the American Cancer Society reported that the more leisure time people spent sitting was associated with a higher risk of … Continue reading

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