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What Is Problem Drinking?

Alcohol and drug problems occur at all educational and social levels, and in every age group.  Ask yourself the following questions.  If the answer to any of them is yes, you need to examine how alcohol or drug use is … Continue reading

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Strengthening Your Stepfamily

Half of all Americans are now a member of a stepfamily, including over 20 million stepparents.  Tragically, 60 to 70 percent of all stepfamilies end in divorce within ten years.  Long-term re-marital and stepfamily success is possible, however.  Educating yourself … Continue reading

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Excessive Worry Can Impact Interpersonal Relationships

     Most people worry from time to time.  A recent study supported by the National Institute of Mental Health, however, reports that for some, worrying can be so obsessive and intrusive that it interferes with the person’s life and damages … Continue reading

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