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Are Your Financial Problems Messing with Your Head?

If like so many other people right now you are struggling with money management, you may also find yourself dealing with mental health issues. Life issues, particularly those related to finance, often directly affect our mental well being. If your … Continue reading

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The Economy and Your Mental Health

A variety of factors affect your mental health: what you eat, your work environment, your relationships, your chemical make up and even how much you exercise. So, does the economy, be it up or down, affect your mental health? According … Continue reading

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Eating for a Healthier Mind

You might think of food when you’re trying to lose weight or become more physically healthy, but have you considered how the food you eat can affect your mental health? According to Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., author of Food and Healing, … Continue reading

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Are You Overlooking Your Child’s Mental Health?

As a parent, you make sure your children get to school, their dance classes, sport practices and even birthday parties. You keep track of immunizations and physicals with meticulous care. Yet, when did you last evaluate your child’s mental health … Continue reading

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Social Networking: How is it affecting your mental health?

Anything that we do regularly affects our mental health in some way. Exercising, the foods we eat and how we spend our time all contribute to the state of our mental health. Some activities, such as social networking, have both … Continue reading

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How Does Making New Years Resolutions Affect Your Mental Health?

Do you start out each new year with resolutions for changing your life? Most commonly, we make resolutions related to weight loss, kicking unhealthy habits such as cigarette smoking or improving our life with financial gain. Some resolutions revolve around … Continue reading

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About Bullying: Older Children and Adults

No one is exempt from the possibility of being bullied. People of all ages are victimized by bullies. Often, a person doesn’t even understand why he has been chosen for bullying. Continue reading

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